Unions are the reason workers have many of the rights that exist in the workplace today – minimum wage, weekends and safety standards. We thought we would list just a few of the reasons why having unions in the workplace is still extremely important.

1.     Balances Power

When you are employed by a larger company, it may feel like you are just a small fish in a big pond. Unions continue to balance power by giving members a voice in the workplace. With collective agreements, shop stewards and business agents, members know they have people standing behind them so that their human rights are guaranteed in the workplace.

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2.     Lobbying Group For Interests of Canadians

Not only do unions fight for the rights of their own members, but call citizens of Canada. They can act as a lobbying group for issues that affect all Canadians. Teamsters Local 362 and Teamsters Canada recently ran a #MakeItMandatory mental health campaign raising awareness about the need for mental health support in the workplace. Both groups also encouraged all Canadians to vote, no matter what party they were voting for.

3.     Benefits and Pay

When it comes to pay, the union advantage is clear. Union members earn$5.28/hour more, on average, than non-union workers and women in a union earn $7.10/hour more, on average, than non-union. Workers in a union also receive great benefits, with health coverage for them and their family.

Download Our 5 Step Guide To Organizing!

4.     Sets The Bar

Having strong unions not only benefits its members, but all workers, setting the bar at unionized workplaces for other workplaces to follow. Unions raise wages and working condition standards for all, and have been for a long time.

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