June 29th, 2016

When is it time to join a union?

If you feel your rights as a worker are being abused, it might be time to think about joining a union. Whether you’re unhappy with your hours, feel you’re underpaid or generally go unheard at work, there are a million reasons to consider unionizing But what do you do after...

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June 24th, 2016

Low-paying jobs and precarious work vacancies rising

It’s been a rough few years for Albertans. Between consecutive recessions and the financial impacts of the Fort McMurray wildfire, workers are facing the tightest labour markets seen in almost 30 years. In 2014, Alberta had the highest job vacancy rate in the country. Since the wildfire, the province’s unemployment...

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June 21st, 2016

The Power of Collective Bargaining

What can a collective agreement do for you? Unions fight for the rights of employees everywhere - that’s our job. Since the early 1900s, Canadian unions have negotiated on behalf of workers. But getting results like better wages, safe working conditions, and health and welfare support can’t happen without a...

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June 15th, 2016

Remembering the HUB Mall Tragedy

It’s been four years since G4S employee Travis Baumgartner shot Eddie Rejano, Brian Ilesic, Michelle Shegelski and Matthew Schuman, four of his co-workers at G4S in Edmonton. Rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head, Schuman was the only victim to survive. The impact of this event...

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June 13th, 2016

Teamsters Truck Supports Loops For the Troops

The Teamsters truck was out for one of our favourite events in Edmonton on June 5, Loops for the Troops. The 8th annual fun run and walk was held at the CFB Edmonton Lecture Training Facility. This is the 5th year that Teamsters has been a part of the event,...

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