August 31st, 2016

Trudeau Reiterates Commitment to Labour as MP’s Prepare to Return to Parliament

Summer is almost over and that means a lot of things – vacations are ending, days are getting shorter and parliament will be back in session. This past week Liberal MPs gathered together prepare for a year of coming through on their election promises. Part of that was to reiterate...

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August 29th, 2016

Local Union 355 Letter of Appreciation

Please click the link below to view the letter of appreciation from Local Union 355. Members at US Foods in Severn, Maryland, have been on strike for just over 100 days and counting. Lu355 Letter of Appreciation

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August 27th, 2016

Safety In The Workplace Should Be A Top Priority, No Matter What Job You Have

In our culture we tend to see athletes as celebrities or stars, but the truth is they are people with jobs just like millions of other Canadians. Sometimes we forget that they also deserve to have their safety protected in the workplace, and their union has released a statement reminding...

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August 25th, 2016

PLCAC Canada Student Award Program

Since 1974 the Pipe Line Contractors Association of Canada has financially supported students with their education. To qualify, an applicant must be a son, daughter, or ward of a person whose principle income is derived from the pipeline construction industry. Please click the link below for more information and the...

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August 22nd, 2016

Ontario Paramedics To Receive Mental Health Support in the Workplace

Physical safety in the workplace is something that has been regulated and given attention for many years – unfortunately mental health does not get the attention it deserves. The good news is that things are starting to change in Canada, and it seems that every few months more money and...

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