May 31st, 2018

Teamsters Local 362 Celebrates Announcement of Pipeline Expansion

On Tuesday, the federal government announced that they have decided to buy the Trans Mountain expansion pipeline project for $4.5 billion dollars. This was to ensure the pipeline would proceed. This announcement was celebrated by Albertans across the province. For months politicians, workers and activists across the country have been...

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May 29th, 2018

Changes to Alberta Occupation Health and Safety Act Coming June 1

Albertans have had their input and will officially have a new Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS) for the province as of June 1. The NDP government invited Albertans to provide input during the month of April of what they would want to see in the act. The old OHS...

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May 23rd, 2018

The Pay Gap in Canada Is Even Worse For Women of Colour

The gender wage gap is an issue, there is no doubt about that. There are articles, reports and years of research that back it up. The fact is that women make on average $0.72 for every dollar a man makes in Canada. Download Our Guide On How To Know If...

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May 16th, 2018

Unions Are Appealing to Millennials

Unions have not traditionally been associated with millennials or white-collar jobs, but things are changing. Young people are bringing a new energy to the movement that has been gaining momentum across North America. A Gallup Poll showed that the approval of unions jumped to 58 per cent and the desire for more...

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May 14th, 2018

Harassment Is A Workplace Hazzard

When you hear about a hazardous or unsafe work environment, what is the image that pops into your head? Typically, it is a factory or construction site where a physical injury could take place – falling from a latter, electrocution or even slipping on a floor. While physical injuries should be...

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