September 26th, 2019

2019 Teamsters Women’s Conference

The Teamsters 2019 Woman’s Conference took place in Montreal on Sept. 14 – 17 and Local 362 sent a contingent of three rank and file members from United Parcel Service, Lafarge Ready Mix and Garda World (Pre-Board Screening) to take an active part in the events. Together with Assistant Trustee David Cooper and Business Agent Pei Vanden Brink, Members Sydney Crisp (UPS, with seven years of service), Pauline Offrey-White (Garda World, with 11 years of service) and Tanya Whitford (Lafarge Ready Mix, eight years of service) were excited to be surrounded by fellow proud Teamster Sisters take part in an in-depth agenda that encompassed various workshops that were developed and put into play to conjure pride in the extremely important role Teamster Sisters play within their communities and workplaces.

The workshops at this year’s Women’s Conference incorporated many different educational aspects that pertained to fundamentals of being a Teamster’s member, such as contract negotiations, contract interpretation, costing of contracts, conflict resolution, communications, organizing of new members and the history of women leadership. Sister Whitford affirmed this in her own words stating, ”Listening to the women speak, how they have struggled to get where they are, how passionate each and every person was, how proud they are to be members of Teamsters on every level.”

As many workshops dealt with themes relevant to a day in the life of a Teamster, other informative workshops took place that shed light on the importance of self-care for work/life stress, breaking barriers of discrimination in terms of sexual orientation and mental health as well as a workshop focusing of body image. Sister Crisp shed light on attending the workshop focused on mental health say that “The seminar touched on topics I think are incredibly important… It was informative and the speakers did an excellent job using their own life experiences in an educational way.”

Sister Pauline Offrey-White, expressed with great enthusiasm her experience and marvel in taking part in the 2019 Teamsters Women’s Conference. In Sister Offrey-White’s words, “It is truly amazing to be part of something that was truly inspiring and something that gave you a feeling that you are heading in a common direction for the wellbeing of organized labour.”

“I have two daughters,” Sister Offrey-White went on to say. “I want them to live their lives free of bias and with what we learned in Montreal, Unions can do that by making our workplaces better from the inside out. Together, we can accomplish anything we put our minds to and I feel blessed to be part of such a worthwhile organization.”

As an extended family, Teamsters takes pride in our diversity, as it is a keystone of our collective history and the workshops facilitated aimed to emphasize how our differences make us unique, but all while driving a common theme home – solidarity, unity and togetherness!

Local 362 would like to thank Sisters Crisp, Offrey-White and Whitford for their participation in 2019 Teamsters Women’s Conference. We look forward to working with all Brothers and Sisters to make not only our workplaces better but also our communities.





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