At Teamsters 362, we want our members to be active in their union. Part of that is communication and that is why we set up our Teamsters 362 text line. Once you sign up you will get notifications about general meetings and meetings within your own groups. To sign up, please get in contact with your Business Agent. The full list and contact information can be found here.  

Marcel Berry Retirement

Congrats to Marcel Berry on his retirement! Marcel was a Member of both Construction and Pipeline Boards and has 32 years of continuous service as a Member of Local 362.

Doug Heydon Retirement

Congrats to Doug Heydon on his retirement! He started his journey as a Teamster working with Motorways, Byers Transport and working for Canadian Freightways. Later Doug joined the Local 362's Construction Division, where he finished his career with 24 consecutive years as a Member of Local 362.