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affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Teamster jurisdiction covers general freight haul, contract haul, airport security, dock workers and many more - all of which are listed on our Fair Carrier's List . The companies on this list do their own hiring, therefore you can contact them directly for employment information.

Teamsters Local 362 in Edmonton is the dispatch hiring hall for Industrial Construction and Pipeline divisions in Alberta.

We send drivers and warehouse personnel to various job sites. If Members of these divisions are unavailable for dispatch a non-member may be sent out on a permit basis. Some of the Industrial sites dispatched to include: Petro-Can, Scotford, Syncrude, Albiansands, CNRL and Suncor.

Drivers dispatched through the hall must have a minimum of a Class 3 driver's license. The majority of the driving calls, however, are for Class 1 drivers. All additional training certificates are assets for non-members, for example a hoisting ticket, forklift ticket and dangerous goods all increase a potential permit's chances of gaining employment. Potential permits for the Warehouse Division have an advantage if they have previous warehousing experience and a forklift ticket.

Construction Safety Training System (C.S.T.S.) and Pipeline Construction Safety Training (P.C.S.T.) are mandatory training courses for the respective divisions. Both courses can be accessed through the Alberta Construction Safety Association 780-453-3311.

Resumes and copies of Training Certificates may be faxed to 780-455-6976 or emailed to teamedm@teamsters362.com.