September 30th, 2015

Get Out And Vote: Teamsters Talk About The Importance of Voting At Every Level (Authorized By Teamsters Local 362)

Authorized By Teamsters Local 362 The federal election is only a few weeks away, and casting a vote is one of the most important ways you can make your voice heard. Voting gives you a say in how you want your country to be run for the next four years....

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September 25th, 2015

Boston Brings It: Teamsters 362 Women Feel Empowered After Attending Women’s Conference

This August one of the oldest cities in America hosted a group who represent the future of women in workplaces across North America. Boston was home to the 2015 Teamsters Women’s Conference, an event that brings together ‘Teamsters throughout North America in the spirit of sisterhood.’ “I didn’t know what to expect,...

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September 9th, 2015

Shop Steward Is Always Ready To Help Out A Fellow Teamster

Teamster Jeff McConnell was nominated to be a shop steward by his fellow workers, and it has been a role he has enjoyed ever since.He said he has become someone that they know they can come to with any problems – they have always stood by him the workplace, and...

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August 19th, 2015

Teamster Takes Pride In Sense Of Togetherness

Jim has been with the Teamsters for nearly a decade, and over those years he has developed a good relationship with his business agent – something he said is important as an active member. He said by staying in contact with his business agent, he always feels in touch with...

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July 28th, 2015

Lawrence Jacques: Taking Pride In His Role As A Business Agent

The responsibilities of a business agent in the Teamsters union is multifaceted.From selecting strong shop stewards to processing grievances to running meetings – business agents have a lot of roles to fill, and Lawrence Jacques takes pride in all of them.Jacques started out as a shop steward with Teamsters and...

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