Mammoet Voter Information

Below you will find the Memorandum of Agreement that you are being asked to vote on. This MOA comes with the Unions recommendation for acceptance, however it should be noted that the Membership is still in a legal strike position and should the majority of the Membership not be in favor of the Memorandum of Agreement the Union may call for strike action.

The amendments to the Collective Agreement are indicated either by a strike through, which indicates the language is to be removed, or it is in bold which indicates the language has been amended to read as per the bolded. Red text indicates that changes from the previous MOA which was rejected.

If you can attend a Town Hall Meeting we encourage you to do so.We have scheduled a Town Hall at the Edmonton Teamster Hall (15035 121A Avenue) on Friday December 29th at 11:00am and in Fort McMurray at 6am on Thursday January 4th at the Local Union Hall #108 400 MacKenzie Blvd.

The Membership attending the Edmonton Town Hall will have the ability to cast their ballot at the meeting, at which time those ballots will be sealed. After the meeting is concluded the remaining voting packages will be mailed to the membership in the same fashion as the last vote.


Memorandum of Agreement



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