The unionization process is known as organizing and you can do it with a Teamsters 362 organizer by your side. Deciding you want to create change in your workplace is a big decision, but the process to unionize is an exciting and powerful one. It may seem daunting at first but when you have Teamsters 362 to stand by you, the entire journey can be an incredibly rewarding experience. The most important thing to remember through organizing is that you have the law on your side to allow you to join a union democratically and free of any threats from employers. Here is the process to unionize.

Find a Strong Advocate

To get the ball rolling in the unionization process, it’s best to start with a strong leader in the workplace who is willing to drive the movement. This advocate should engage with other coworkers to hear their views on unionizing and help to lead them towards a better workplace.

Contact Teamsters 362 Organizers

Once a leader has emerged, the immediate next step should be to contact a Teamsters 362 Organizer through email or phone. Our organizers are here to help you through every single step of the process and answer any questions you might have along the way.

Form an Organizing Committee

An organizing committee should be created next and should represent all departments, and reflect racial, ethnic and gender diversity. This will be the core group that develops and puts the organizing plan into effect with your Teamsters 362 Organizer.

Gather and Discuss

With representation from all departments and views, the committee can discuss the issues they are facing and the solutions they would like to see through unionization. It’s recommended that these meetings happen outside of the workplace.

Membership Cards

Once the plan is in place and enough employees have shown interest, membership cards or a petition will be signed by employees outside of the workplace. This is completely confidential; your fellow coworkers and employer won’t know if you have signed one.

File Application to Labour Board

Once enough membership cards have been signed then Teamsters 362 will file an application with the Labour Relations Board with an application for certification.

Time to Vote

The next step is a secret ballot vote by the Labour Relations Board, which is completely confidential. If between 40 and 65 per cent of employees sign cards in favour of a union, a board-conducted vote will be required. If over 65 per cent sign cards, no board-conducted vote will be required. 

Let the Bargaining Begin

If the vote is successful the Labour Board will certify Teamsters 362 as your official representative and now the bargaining begins. Your collective agreement is for you the employee, so it will be driven by what you want to see in your workplace. Your bargaining committee and your union representatives will identify the priorities and negotiate on your behalf. Your collective agreement will include important items such as seniority, vacations, grievance procedures, wages, benefits and more.


Teamsters Local 362 is here to answer any questions you may have about labour unions or joining one. Please contact us by using the confidential form below.


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