When you decide to unionize you’re going to get a lot of questions from your coworkers and probably some promises from management. You need to be prepared for this as you enter into organizing. Here are some of the answers to a few of the most common questions and concerns you’re likely to encounter along the road to unionization.

Union Dues

As a non-profit organization, we receive funding from the dues we collect from members. It’s useful to think of it as paying into a security fund that safeguards you in the workplace. Your dues are calculated based on a simple calculation: 2.5 x hourly wage, plus $4.00. This dues structure has been prescribed by the constitution of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. They add up to about 1.5 per cent of your annual wage and are tax deductible. Those dues go towards the cost of staff, arbitration, mediators and is also set aside for a strike fund in the event one is necessary. We also invest in community initiatives that make workplaces and our province better for all workers. These dues come off your paycheque and are paid once a month.

My Employer Follows the Law

Your employer may follow the law, but that isn’t enough. There are no laws in place to make sure that seniority is respected, there is no favouritism, you’re paid what you deserve and are rewarded for your hard work. Employers typically follow the bare minimum of standards, while Unions bargain above minimum labour standards and are there to make sure you’re completely protected and treated fairly in the workplace.

What if the Boss Finds Out?

The process of forming a union is confidential. When you sign a membership card, neither your employer nor other employees will know you have signed one. The vote to unionize is also completely confidential. If your boss does somehow find out that you are wanting to unionize there is no legal justification for them to fire you. Under the provincial labour code, your boss cannot fire you for joining or attempting to join a union.

My Employer Said They’ll Do Better Now

With a union on your side your employer won’t just say that they ‘will do better,’ they will have to actually do better now. Employers make empty promises like this because they know they won’t be held accountable. With the power of a union behind you, you know they will be.


Teamsters Local 362 is here to answer any questions you may have about labour unions or joining one. Please contact us by using the confidential form below.


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