Unions have been around for decades and yet many still don’t know what a union can do for them. A simple definition of a union is an association of workers that protect rights in the workplace, but it’s so much more than that. The labour movement not only protects your rights but fights for an overall better quality of life for all workers. Joining Teamsters Local 362 means you are part of a family that defends fair wages, protects your health and safety, makes sure you have a voice at work and wants to help better your work and home life.

Defenders of Fair Wages

Unions have been setting the bar for wages for members and non-members alike for decades.
This is more important than ever with wage discrimination still happening across the country. The gender pay gap means women are often paid less than men for the same work and racialized and Indigenous workers still make less on average than non-racialized and non-Indigenous Canadians. Workers across Canada earn an average of $5.28/hour more than non-union workers. That adds up.

Protectors of Your Health and Safety

While there are laws in effect to protect your health and safety in the workplace, that doesn’t mean that employers follow them. Unions have your back if you want to refuse unsafe work or want changes in your workplace to make it safer. It isn’t just your physical safety we protect: Teamsters 362 has led the way when it comes to mental health protection in the workplace. Unions also offer health benefits to their members to make sure their health, and the health of their family, is covered inside and outside of the workplace.

Giving You a Voice and Respect

There is almost nothing more important than having a voice that is heard in the workplace. You should be seen as a human being who deserves respect and not just another employee. Unions give you that voice and allow you to speak out against any discrimination, harassment or unfair treatment without fear of being punished or losing your job. This also includes recognizing your seniority and experience in the workplace.

A Family Who Has Your Back

When you join a union, you become a member of a family. Teamsters 362 is proud to be active members of our community who work to make life better inside and outside of the workplace through the activism of our members. You always know someone has your back whether it’s bargaining for better wages or taking part in a community initiative.

Looking Out for Your Career and Home Life

Work-life balance is crucial no matter what type of career you have. Your job should care about your well being at work, as well as at home. This is why unions ensure you have a good pension to take care of you and your family after years of hard work, and scholarships to help with your children’s education. We also make sure you have proper schedules that allow you to spend time outside of work with your friends and family.


Teamsters Local 362 is here to answer any questions you may have about labour unions, and/or how to join one. Please contact us by using the confidential form below.


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Just a reminder to all members to obtain a withdrawal card upon termination, layoff, leave of absence, change of employment or medical leave.

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