May 14th, 2018

Harassment Is A Workplace Hazzard

When you hear about a hazardous or unsafe work environment, what is the image that pops into your head? Typically, it is a factory or construction site where a physical injury could take place – falling from a latter, electrocution or even slipping on a floor. While physical injuries should be...

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April 9th, 2018

Violence Against Women With Disabilities Is A Huge Issue In Canada

The #MeToo movement has been going strong, but when we talk about women’s rights one area often neglect is disabled Canadians. A recent report from Statistics Canada found that found the rate of violent victimization of women in the able-bodied population totalled 65 per 1,000 people, the figure for disabled women more...

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February 26th, 2018

Bill 30 Hoping To Protect Alberta Workers From Bullying

Every workplace has to deal with conflict or differing opinions. It is nearly impossible to avoid when you have multiple people from different backgrounds that join together every day. It is when these conflicts or differing opinions turn into something more personal or targeted that it turns into a problem....

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February 16th, 2018

The #MeToo Movement Needs To Stick Around

The #MeToo movement has taken the world by storm. It was The Canadian Press’s story of the year and the ‘Silence Breakers’ were listed as Time Magazine’s Person of the year. Social activist Tarana Burke started the movement in 2006 and it gained popularity last year when Alyssa Milano use...

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January 8th, 2018

Major Issues for the Workplace in 2018

The holiday season has come to a close and most of us are returning to our regular routines at work. As we put away our Christmas trees and make our new year’s resolutions, many are thinking about what the next 12 months will be like Canadian workplaces during 2018. Here...

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