February 7th, 2018

Celebrating The Opening Of A New Clinic For Transgender Albertans

This month Alberta has taken a huge step in its support of transgender health. As of February, the Gender Health Program at the University of Alberta has opened, the first clinic in the Prairie Provinces. Transgender youth have a place to go to start their journey. The goal of the...

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February 2nd, 2018

Canadians Need To Take A Stand Against Islamophobia

Last year on Jan. 29, Alexandre Bissonnette opened fire during evening prayers at an Islamic Cultural Centre in Quebec City. Six people were killed and 19 were injured. Canadians were shocked, and the tragedy made headlines around the world. This year, many called for the government to mark the day in...

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December 30th, 2017

A Look Back On Labour And Human Rights in 2017

This has been the year of human rights. From athlete protests to the #MeToo movement, people are standing up for what they believe in. With these movements, it is crucial to find strength in solidarity and that is something unions believe in. Here are a few of the important human...

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December 22nd, 2017

Looking Back on Organized Labour Wins from 2017

Labour unions have a lot to celebrate this year – provincially, nationally and internationally.  South of the border we have seen labour unions fighting for human rights and the Fight for 15 movement has had a huge impact on minimum wage in the United States. Here in Alberta, Teamsters Local...

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December 8th, 2017

We Must Continue to Support LGBTQ2S Rights in the Workplace

Last week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a formal apology to ‘individuals harmed by federal legislation, policies, and practices that led to the oppression of and discrimination against LGBTQ2S people in Canada.’ The government also introduced legislation that will expunge criminal records of people who were convicted of having same-sex partners and...

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