March 9th, 2018

Teamsters Local 362 Latest News

Each week Teamsters Local 362 will update our members on what is happening within the local and what our business agents are doing outside of their daily responsibilities. Make sure you check in to see what is happening in the union.

This week, Secretary Treasurer Alan Porter and President Wayne Garner are attending Teamsters Canada Executive Board Meetings. Alan Porter is a sitting member of the Board and Wayne Garner is attending  as an invited guest from from Joint Council 90.

This week, Business Agents Richard Brown and Terry Westhaver, with Vice President Jordan Madarash, will begin the Conciliation process and commence bargaining with Garda World Edmonton Pre-board Screening operations, with the help of a Federal Mediation Officer.

Brother Bernie Haggarty attended the monthly Southern Alberta Building Trades meeting as Local 362’s representative. Each month, they discuss business development with other trade unions in Alberta (Boilermakers 146, Refrigeration Union 488 and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 424).

Business Agents Rick Prouty and Steward Chance Hrycun (who is on a developmental leave) will be taking proposals from Monday to Thursday evenings this week for the Fort McKay group.

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week Agents Bernie Haggarty and Ryan Adams will be voting the Memorandum of Agreement for the PeBen group.

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